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Step 1

Schedule Your Initial Meeting

Start by contacting our Firm by phone at 866-708-2335 or reaching out to us via email at attorneys@evansdavis.com. Our team members will then work with you to coordinate a meeting date and time most convenient for all involved parties.

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Step 2

Tell Us About Your Business

You will be provided with a simple and confidential Business Planning Intake Form to assist you with gathering the necessary information to assist your attorney in evaluating your business needs.  If you have any existing documentation regarding the company, please provide that in advance with your completed intake form.

Business Law Intake Form

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Step 3

Meet with Your Attorney

During your initial consultation with your attorney, you will learn about the purpose of creating corporate entities to protect your assets and your family.  Additionally, we will discuss the differences among LLC’s, corporations and partnerships. Your attorney will coordinate with your accountant to assist in determining tax ramifications relating to your enterprise.  Your initial consultation normally lasts 1.5 hours and culminates in your attorney providing you with a proposed course of action with the associated fees to assist you.

Meet Our Attorneys
Step 4

Finalize Your Business Needs

Whether we are completing the formation of a business, executing a buy-sell agreement, closing on the purchase or sale of a business or finalizing a transactional matter, your attorney will advise and assist you throughout the process.