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Step 1

Schedule Your Initial Meeting

Start by contacting our Firm by phone at 866-708-2335 or reaching out to us via email at attorneys@evansdavis.com. Our team members will then work with you to coordinate a meeting date and time most convenient for all involved parties.

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(866) 708-2335

Step 2

Tell Us about Your Loved One

You will be provided with a simple and confidential Probate Intake Form to assist you with gathering the necessary information to assist your attorney in evaluating the assets and liabilities of your family member you have lost.  Our forms are readily available on our website and can be e-mailed or mailed to you directly upon request.

Probate Law Intake Form

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Step 3

Meet With Your Attorney

During your initial consultation with an attorney, you will learn about court requirements, the probate process, and the duties that you may have during this time.  During this meeting, you will be able to openly discuss your concerns and outline specific items related to your family in safe and accepting environment.  Your initial consultation normally lasts 1.5 hours and culminates in your attorney providing you with a proposed course of action with the associated fees to assist you.

Meet Our Attorneys
Step 4

Attend Court Hearings

Throughout the probate process, your attorney will advise you on required filings and court hearings.  During this difficult time, we want to alleviate as much of the burden and stress on you and your family as possible.

Step 5

Settlement and Distribution of Assets

At the conclusion of the probate, we will assist you in distributing property and assets to the beneficiaries approved by the court in an efficient and timely manner.  Our goal throughout this process is to stand beside you and advise and protect your family during this transitional period.